Buying Our Books

Where To Buy Our Books?

All of our books are available either as paperbacks or as e-books. We don't, however, have a warehouse full of books or an on-line selling set-up: we leave the merchandising end of the business to the experts, and concentrate on producing quality products.

Buying Hardbacks

All of G. R. Grove's novels are now available in hardback editions, exclusively through

Buying Paperbacks

All of our titles are currently available as trade paperbacks through and Barnes & Noble carry some of them, as do other on-line retailers, and they can also be special-ordered through local bookstores.

Buying E-Books

All of our titles are currently available from, Barnes & Noble and several other sources. We also hope to see them on Amazon soon.  In the meantime, see the Smashwords link for Kindle-compatible .mobi versions.

Specific Book Links:

Storyteller:                      Hardbacks    Paperbacks    E-books
Flight of the Hawk:         Hardbacks    Paperbacks    E-books
The Ash Spear:               Hardbacks    Paperbacks    E-books
The Druid's Son:             Hardbacks    Paperbacks    E-books