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Coming in 2013:


fallen stones Taliesin sang it, so it must be true. In all the years I knew him, I never heard him lie—though there are ways and ways of dealing with the truth, and a bard must know them all. But he was using none of these on the night when he sang Talhaearn Tad Awen’s death song in Prince Cyndrwyn’s high-roofed wooden hall, with the cold wolf-wind of a bitter February snuffling round the doors and windows, and frightening the flickering torch-flames which cast his long black shadow, now here, now there, across the smoke-stained walls: across the faces of all of us who listened as well, and across our lives...

In The Fallen Stones, journeyman bard Gwernin Storyteller accompanies a Welsh princess to Ireland for her wedding. But other members of the party have their own objectives... Set five years after The Ash Spear, this will be the 4th book in the Storyteller series, and the beginning of a new trilogy. Scheduled for publication in late 2013.


I Am A Man Upon the Land: An Investigation Into the Origins and Distribution of the North Atlantic Seal Legends by D. Rowen Grove.

"They are wound deeply through the folklore of the Northern Isles, from Orkney and Shetland, down the sweep of the Hebrides and the coasts of the Gael, in Ireland and Iceland and Russia and Greenland: the legends of the sliochd-nan-ròn; the sluagh-ròn; the seal people. So who and what were they thought to be? How old are the tales, and what are their sources? And how does one track a legend?"